Whoa, what? A post? Aliens, man.

Huzzah, it seems like I'll write something up ahead. I don't really know man. Heck I'm supposed to be doing something else right now. Aah, heck. I literally do not have anything to talk about, don't I? I'm literally just doing this because I got real bored with the thing I'm supposed to do, eh? … Continue reading Whoa, what? A post? Aliens, man.


Hey look, another post.

whuzzupzzz non audience!?! and all that energy is now officially deflated. Yes, yes, look at the time interval between my posts (and the title, the subtitle, the about page...) and you'll easily see the amount of dedication I have for this blog-thing. I only half-remember that I started this blog to get into a joint … Continue reading Hey look, another post.


Good morning/afternoon/evening/infernal time when you aren't even sure anything in nature works or not (depending on your time zones and ¬†habits), my wonderful non-audience.I really did not want to do this.what the heck. I didn't even know what a blog is supposed to mean till roughly seventh grade.. sighhh...anyway, i rather like how i thought … Continue reading Haha