Immortal Rain (and some hail from my side)

I’m trying to type this out on a phone and this is not wrocking out. STOP VIBRATING IN MY HANDS, PHONE.

But I cant be bothered to get on my computer. Heck this isnt even my phone man.

Okay I’ll try to spell.

Sup non audience man dude bro? Wow, I suppose I’m posting two videos (videos? Dafweeq? I’ve watched too much YouTube. Posts is what I meant.) all within a month or two, depending on when I bother with this one. I just felt like tippy-tappying a bit over here to get my mind off of something shitty that happened today. Dont worry you aint gonna have to know bout it. I just wanna chill.

So I read this beautiful manga the other day (actually quite a while back) called Immortal Rain.


I mean, common, look at these bad boys.

Well, the premise is that there’s this girl called Machika. She has a badass scythe. Her badass bounty hunter ‘granddad’ died. She sets out into the world to bring down the one bounty he never caught-a 624 year old man called Rain who’s rumoured to be immortal. And then things happen.

I know I know, it’s a shoujo manga, you wanna just get on with your lives. Oh whatc you actually like shoujo? You really enjoy it and are slightly offended by my assuming you don’t? Oh, are you legit mad at me?

Well I’m sorry. What I wanted to say was, this gosh-darned manga feels like a frickin shounen for the first half and a mind=blown montage+feelz trip for the second. Actually its that all over.

I dont know, maybe I found it out at exactly the right time. I was going through shit, and a pal recommended it to me, saying they finished it in two days flat. After being slightly concerned for their health I considered actually trying it out despite their warning me its such a romance story in some places. Cuz I zone out faster than one usually does during a boring speech whenim watching romance, and romance is so hard to make just right and not Sally off into the realms of cheese.

Aw, silly phone, sally isn’t a name! I mean it is, but I’mnot using the name sally right now. Not that Sally is a bad name, hey look it used the correct Sally there. Sally, hey-Sally, look I’m sorry-sally! Sally!

Welp. What was I saying.

What I was saying was, Immortal Rain is not a romance story. Immortal rain does so many things. Of course it brings up immortality and stuff; like, no one wantsto die but we kinda know, right, like immortality isnt all that great. Like we know if a button comes up saying you can live forever and stuff, that we’drather not press it. Well, this manga goes YEAH NO SHIT, IMMORTALITY IS FRICKIN HORRIFYING.

It puts it so poetically into proportion man. Rain feels like a mountain, he feels HUGE. Especially in the initial parts if the story. There is this other guy too, and I don’t even know. I don’t even know. I don’t even, I can’t even, I’ve always been better at odd.

Its done so well, the characters feel real. Their problems feel real. It deals with so many feelz-how it feels when you know you’re at rock bottom, when you think you can’t feel shittier. How you’d like to let go of things, but you also dont want to. It deals with frustration, exasperation at being in a situation you see no escape out of, the pain of enduring without knowing whether it’ll end, and how it all becomes jaded and muffled when you’ve been suffering for so long.

Of course, I bawled like a baby in this one too. Hmm, seems like I’m losing my battle hardened stone exterior. Welp, time to go on a shitty horror movie binge.


This manga operates on a higher plane, man. And it takes you with it. You may not STAY there, but I sure as hell feel like I can go back to it. It deals with getting up despite of everything, it deals with letting things go and just doing the good deed. The characters are flawed, real. I dont think I DISLIKE any one. Well, except that other guy. But he was a pretty fine damn badass villain thou.

I mean common, look at this dude.

Oh yeah, speaking of which, theres even some tasteful gore, so all you gore lovers can read it too. It’s all symbolic and shit too.

Although I gotta say there are a few traces of cheese in there, like about 0.1 ppm (that’s parts per million if you didnt know that. I didnt.). No matter how I look at it, it’s slightly, sliiiightly, just so slighty creepy. I mean the guy is 624 years old. Even if you subract 600 its still 24. Gaddamn. At least its past the age of consent(I think). Ah hell, im just heckling. Its immensely sweet. I loved all of it. I was expecting a different sort of ending, probably a more poignant one, but I’m completely satisfied with what it is. It’s an awesome journey. Heck I dont even get why this thing isnt even popular enough to get an anime adaptation. I mean come ON, dude! How you no make this into anime, peoplez? The mangaka worked so hard at it. (yes I read every scribble onto every page. There’s even a potential Death Note reference, I don’t know what else to do to get you sold.). And it’s just sixty chapters. Sixty! There’s even a little ten chapter Gaiden which tells the grandpa’s story. Is it a gaiden? I dunno its a thing.  Ooo, the teams of Hunter x Hunter and Cowboy Bebop should collab on it. With some input from the Shinsekai Yori team. Hey, one can dream, right?

It’s not like all dream collabs have to happen, eh?

All in all, it’s a good manga. You, friend, should try it. Maybe read it at like five chapters a day. Hell I’ve learnt things from this story. And am I glad I read it. Thanks, Kaori Ozaki, man!

Oksy, noe that my eyes have frown feet snd walken away fron their sockets, imma go byez.


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