From the Frickin New World.

hey there, non audience. missed me?

I was gonna write a complete, concise(lol, of course) run through of my emotions with the calamity of the Naruto manga ending. Its still right there, as a draft, at the time of writing this. Imma publish it for sure, just sometime late. not because any decrease in emotion and weepiness, you see, i’m sorta busy giving tests left and right.

yes, i’m not as old and wise as i may sound.


anyway, this little post here is about a not-so-well-known anime-

From the New World, or Shinsekai Yori for those who wanna feel all Japanese in the guts. For real Japanese people, sorry, I’m one of the aforementioned fakers.

I say ‘not so well known’, on the basis that a google search for ‘from the new world review’ brings up much less results in a few more milliseconds than one for ‘naruto shippuden ending omg’, and that Akinator didn’t know who Tomiko Asahina was until recently.

And also Saki Watanabe, Aonuma Shun and Maria Akizuki were played only around 450, 170 and 160 times respectively. give or take a few hundreds. LOOK, NOT EVERYONE HAS A GOOD MEMORY AND AN ACTIVE MIND SO AS TO GO AND CHECK, OKAY?

I just finished it. Man, man man! It is BE-YOOO-TI-FOOL! OMG OMG! I was weeping in the end! oh my god…

*restrains for the sake of the many millions who haven’t watched it yet and are prone to spoilers*

The main storyline is, there’s this group of friends-

Shun Aonuma, Satoru Asahina, Saki Watanabe, Mamoru Itou, Maria Akizuki

The two leftmost ones are boys, and the one fingering his ponytail is also a boy. The rest are girls.

these kids live in a cool, nature-harmony-peace- world, they have Powers aka PK aka The Force(see what i did there? eh eh?…. yeah’-_-) with which they can do stuff like flying to making mirrors and fixing bottles and forming forcefields and barriers and basically anything. It’s all kinda happy-happy, except that they should strictly follow the RULEESSS as in STRICCCCTLY and a little toeing out of the line makes them recieve steely glares from the adults (and something much worse, but you don’t know about that). In this world, there are things like ‘queerats’ or ‘Monster Rats’ and ‘Balloon Dogs’ and ‘Impure cats’ which may or may not be rumours. All in all, everything isn’t as hunky dory as it looks on the outside, and this group of friends does plenty of toeing–and shit happens. shinsekai yori

This anime…. this ANIME…

one of the really, reeeeally good things about this anime is the way they handle the story. Like, one second, you’re all happy go lucky, yayy yayy, little kids so nice i like like, the other second you’re being tickled in the back with a chainsaw. Unlike so many other anime, where you kind of have a vague idea when the lead characters are gonna be pwned, you do not have any sort of premonition here. The blow falls hard and fast, leaving no time for bracing yourself. When stuff takes a turn, you feel it turning DAYUM HARD. I started yelling at the screen after a point.

You really feel for the characters, because they’re being massaged by chainsaw teeth as well, and are probably more freaked out than you.

you really feel for them, man! I was weeping even for the ponytailed guy. Poor man! It’s like Itachi-level involvement. I was literally weeping for them. LITERALLY. this was one of the few anime that have really, like REALLY got me so involved that i was actually crying.

what? what was that? you watched it and it didn’t do a thing to you? oh, what, you thought it was shit?

well then ^ for your opinion, and please step aside.

of course i’m kidding. I still love you. You’re my precious non audience, and i just finished this beautiful series, how could i hate on you? :*

ew. lets not do that.

moooving on. I’m just saying that it was really, really, deeply involving for me. I was thinking about the story even during my test. which is probably why I’ll have received single digit marks in a test of three digit scores. aah, who cares?

the plot is amazing, concentrated, crazy, twisty as Phineas’s roller coaster. Yes, there are a few minor plotholes, but the very fact that you notice them brings out how involved in the story you are.

That’s basically all you need to know before plunging into the anime. Heck, I didn’t even know that. I just yoloed. I actually heard the anime’s ending song BEFORE watching the anime. I remember hearing it on a random popup window somewhere, straining my ears to make out a catchphrase, searching ‘senokaze’ on google and entering nirvana. It is AMAZING. there are other sites that have done a better review of the song. here’s just a few lines from my side– you might want to have the song playing first. makes more sense that way.

when i first heart the stuttering guitars come up, i searched for the tab that was playing whacko music. I discovered that this song was japanese. and– hella catchy! omg! i gotta get this!

its way, way different from most anime-related songs i’ve heard. heck, MOST songs i’ve heard.  and its so amazing! it built a sense of awe in me, the sort i had when i first went on an airplane, or saw the world from the top floor of a skyscraper. It was beautiful, awe-inspiring, different, unbelievable– It made it to my favourites within the day. It EVEN made it to the favourites of non-anime people whom i sent the song in a fit of admiration for Risa Taneda. Everyone liked it. well, one didn’t, but oh well.

the second ending is great as well. It feels much more Maria-like.:)

The song spurred me to look up the anime, read a little of the story, get even more attracted, watched the first episode and BAM–new addiction.

Though, yes, episodes five and first half of eight are kiiiiiiiinda weird. ya see, kinky stuff happens in it–*cough* almostsexytime *cough* that’s slightly mishandled, kinda throws you off the story. This is among the very short list of flaws in Shinsekai Yori. I geddit, they wanna show that these humans are not like us, but hey–what has been seen cannot be unseen, ya know?


I’m kinda overwhelmed here… I managed to get this ‘summary/review/shouldyouwatchitOHYESYOUSHOULD/:”’))))T_T’ out of the way, but this show is so gripping, so involving, it leaves you dazed. yes, these words were handpicked from here. the voice acting was perfect, the animation was beautiful (even though sometimes i felt it felt slightly flat but WHO CARES!), the characters are gonna be with me a long time. i absolutely loved it. it’s subtle, it’s beautiful. it gives me the ‘you’re gonna carry that weight’ feeling of Cowboy Bebop.

heck, I loved it. Tomiko Asahina, Kaburagi Shisei, Niimi-san, Inui-san, Kiroumaru, Maria, Mamoru, Shun, Satoru, Saki, you gonna be in the old lemon for a loooong time. god be with group 1. god be with saki. god be with you!

I’ll just go out and say it’s not an awfully sad ending. ya see, i got so desperate around episode 14-15 that i began thinking that i didn’t want to waste time on it, if it was a sad ending. I’m glad it wasn’t.

I ‘d say you should watch it for sure, if you’re tired of mainstream anime, and want something different and emotionally involving. twenty five episodes. go, watch episode one.

and to all of you who made sense of what I’m talking about-
Shin Sekai Yori - 25 - Large 37
Shin Sekai Yori - 25 - Large 38

Shin Sekai Yori - 25 - Large 39

Shin Sekai Yori - 25 - Large 40

Shin Sekai Yori - 25 - Large 41

let’s get going.


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