Whoa, what? A post? Aliens, man.

Huzzah, it seems like I’ll write something up ahead.

I don’t really know man. Heck I’m supposed to be doing something else right now. Aah, heck.

I literally do not have anything to talk about, don’t I? I’m literally just doing this because I got real bored with the thing I’m supposed to do, eh?


Dammit I just realised I STILL have a Naruto post in my drafts from over a YEAR ago, written like riiiight after its final chapter came out.


Summarises everything, innit. XD

Welp. I never did say this was gonna be a legit blog, eh? Haha my first post literally says this thing ain’t goin’ nowhere. So its cool. I can’t bring myself to legit enjoy pretentious-ass sites that are pretentious-ass anyway. Like holy shit. Bring something new to the palate, god. there’s literally millions of people who are saying the same things you are. Honey, I know you feel about it. I feel about it too. But you don’t gotta conform, man! you don gotta spell if ya don wanna myan. you don even gotta capitalise yo sentences. you wanna use smileys n shit, JUST DO IT >:D. Just do your thing dude.

Dang my internet is so slow.

A member of my familial brethen just gave me a cheap gossip magazine issue and pointed out a page saying shy people tend to get colds and they should write down what they wanna say and practice in the mirror and talk to people they know with a smile. Excuzes moi while I go and write ‘Thanks bro’ on some tissues, practice it twice then go up to them, smile in their face and say ‘T-t-thanks, b-b-b-b-b…’

vengeance is sweet.

gosh, bro, its called ‘being a manipulator’. just watch some HxH man. opens your mind a bit. heck they weren’t even a male. heck i call everyone my bro without discrimination anyway. In the famous words of Lady Jenna Marbles-



I’m pretty sure they realise this too but their dogs are human. Like, Kermit is me. I run on nervous energy too, until my mum says good morning to me. No wait, I’m Marbles, I hate everything in the world too except a few odd things here and there. No wait, Peach gives me adorable-seizures. Like i gotta wait and look at the real world for a bit for the adorable-buzz to go off. No, no I did not binge-watch almost all of Julien’s vlogs. This is an exceptionally long caption, eh? Kay bai.

And YEAH I watched RWBY! I mean, I watched episode 9 a week ago and I still randomly think in my brain ‘Yeah, RWBY is fudgecaking awesome. And its awesome. Brava, Roosterteeth. Brava, Monty Oum. BRAVA. This has been the day we’ve waited for. THIS WILL  BE THE DAY WE WAITED FOR-‘*commence song loop*

I mean of course I’m freaked out for Pyrrha, of course I’m freaked out for Yang, I’m freaked out for Penny, now that she’s a quarter (Dammit RWBY fanbase, there’s a time and a place for punz!) But ITS SO FREAKING COOL, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO HELL, I LOVE THIS PANIC AND FRENZY!

i no has problem i swear

Also, Mary Doodles is literally the best artsy-comedian I’ve seen.

okay i’m done for this year bye non-audience!




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