Hey look, another post.

whuzzupzzz non audience!?!

and all that energy is now officially deflated.


Yes, yes, look at the time interval between my posts (and the title, the subtitle, the about page…) and you’ll easily see the amount of dedication I have for this blog-thing. I only half-remember that I started this blog to get into a joint blog and then the joint blog went into hibernation and I posted the first post over here in a state of feverish delirium. I had a nasty three-week cold that time, and spent most of it being philosophical about life. The way i spend all my colds. Geez, colds are friggin awful.

And now this post has suddenly become a medical journal.

Now it’s turned back to random babbling.


I don’t really know what I wanna do with this blog as of yet, I did write those three or so anime posts rather passionately. Ahem, excuse me. A tickle in my throat. I did write those three or so anime posts in a passionate frenzy. Buuut I guess I don’t really want this place to become a legit anime review place.. BUT I wanna hop over and bang my arms at the keyboard about how high i am over an anime sometimes..

well, I’ll be darned.

Though really, don’t kill me, I’m harmless and innocent, pleease.


I guess imma try thinking about using labels and stuff.


I’m gonna do more anime posts too, but I’ll probably write other stuff as well, wherever the meanderings of my mind take me.

Holy shit that was such an epic phrase, I went into a kinda excited seizure after typin’ it out 😀

Ehh, don’t count on it.



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