About (LOL)

If you’re reading this, you must really have nothing much to do.

Don’t worry, me too.

Just a dumb blog made with possibly the least possible effort required to make a blog and write occasional posts on (except on stuff like anime and movies and possible rants and stuff). Heck, I don’t even know what I’m doing. I only own my views and stuff that I’ve specifically said was my own – such as clothes, and stuff.

Possible is a weird word, if you say it out loud a lot (or heck, even type it) it starts sounding like ‘opossum’. If you continue, you’ll  start feeling it’s just a weird group of sounds made from twisting your mouth around, and you’ll probably start getting brainwashed like Soren. If you STILL persist in repeating the word, you’ll start feeling like an opossum. if you STILL persist, you’re a tough nut!


One thought on “About (LOL)

  1. “If you are reading this, you must really have nothing better to do”.

    Yeah, I know. Probably not a great way to start of an introduction, I feel.
    But, have a great day and don’t worry, you will get better things to do! Just saying.

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