To those who haven’t watched Bleach yet, are willing to, are uncertain, or just want a non-spoiler version of the previous post and have clicked ‘here’ obediently

Greetings, non-audience.

I finally got down to writing this. Ehhh…

Me, all of last week
Me, all of last week

BUT, it’s anime we’re talking about…


So, for those of you who *insert title of this post*, here’s a short, incoherent summary of roughly the first two arcs of Bleach in so many words-

Kid being golden-heartedly thuggish, gets pwned by mysterious black-clothed girl half his height, confronts giant soul eating monsters called ‘Hollows’, screams, gets stabbed by girl, girl’s clothes turn white, kid grows badassness, pwns monster, allows girl into his cupboard, gets involved in politics from the girl’s world (Soul Society, rather like our Gokuldham Society), makes his own gang of Avengers, stuff goes wrong, girl is now wanted for giving kid (now guy, since he’s grown powerful) powers, stuff goes wrong, Avengers go off to save girl, meet lots of difficulties and freakishly powerful men and women, turns out guy has a hollow in him, stuff goes wrong again, guy is rescued by badass cat, badass cat turns out to be badass lady, badass lady and smartass dude help guy get even stronger, guy pwns all them noobs, mouth wateringly awesome fights, narrowly helps girl, turns out girl held an amazeballs stone of ultra awesome INSIDE her (there is some weird logic in this which i haven’t understood), the simpering guy whom you wished would just die turns out to be something much, MUCH more than that.

aw, c'mon, it's AIZEN. since when were you under the impression that the short summary couldn't contain a meme?
aw, c’mon, it’s AIZEN. since when were you under the impression that the short summary couldn’t contain a meme?

shit goes down, the real villain escapes with the amazeballs japanese socerer’s stone. people get depressed, knowing villain’s gonna wreak havoc. Soul Society starts admitting that hunting girl down for giving guy powers was a dumb idea. Girl’s elder brother by a large margin (now Byakuya) does some heart-wrenching and apologising and truth revealing. Moar stuff happens. Soul Society starts prep for battle along with help from badass lady (now Yoruichi) and smartass dude (now Urahaha). Guy (now Ichigo) starts facing problems with his pet Hollow. Hollow want domination, Ichigo no agree. Stuff happens so that Ichigo feels nauseous and ready to lose control of his mind any second he gets too worked up (kinda like Hulk, you could say). Ichigo seeks help from mysterious group called ‘Visoreds’, whose correct pronounciation nobody knows. Ichigo becomes even more badass, pwns some of the new supercharged human-hollow hybrids called Arrancars, gets pwned by some others. The Avengers help too. Girl (now Rukia) regains powers and grows more strong, trying to teach other girl (from Ichigo’s Avengers) become sort of strongish. Probably fails like a noob, since other girl gets kidnapped by the fourth-strongest Arrancar and carted off to villain’s lair in an elaborate sort of way. stuff happens, people get depressed, ichigo and Avengers break into lair, fight and almost die, girl is somehow rescued cause villain doesn’t seem to want her (powers) anymore. Villain gets a powerup, proclaims war on Soul Society and Human World, Soul Society gets tensed up, swaps the one town in humanland where all this shit is supposed to happen with a fake, war happens, almost everyone goes down, amazeballs revelations, Ichigo saves the day with a super-bittersweet deal of losing all his superkazooper powers and bidding goodbye for good to all his three hundred and forty five new friends from Soul Society.

If you made it this far/scrolled down till the paragraph ended, then go watch episode one. Or read Chapter one.

It’s not the best anime there is, it’s got pretty glaring potholes here and there, some of it is plain ridiculous, and yet, if you keep faith and try to watch all 366 episodes, it grows onto you like an addiction. Yes, the start is flimsy and shaky, but when I found myself watching the final episode, I felt like a religion was coming to an end, like all those intense fights, hero(ine) worship, awed hooting when someone got owned and gut-wrenching plot twists were all done, and even though I was watching Naruto Shippuden side by side, I actually gave up on it temporarily when i reached the last few episodes of Bleach.

I suppose the fact that the anime was giving fillers then also contributed to my temporary abstinence from Naruto and attention towards Bleach, I guess.

Heck, I liked Bleach. Still like it.

Anyway, if you’re the patient type who doesn’t mind slow buildup in return for shining moments, scroll up and click ‘episode one’.


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