Yay, second post

I don’t even know what the heck I’m doing.

Greetings, non-audience.

I seriously don’t have much to say about anything else, so let’s talk about something anime.




oh, by the way, spoilers. If you haven’t finished (or covered a significant portion of) at least the anime, proceed if you want to ruin your life. Juss kiddinnn, proceed if you don’t mind spoilers.

For those actually kinda interested in watching Bleach, or those who aren’t but just might, or those just looking for a new tab to pop open, click here. Not here, there.

so I’d finished the anime with a tear a while back, and had sorta decided to continue on to the manga (who wouldn’t after Ichigo’s “see ya later” at the end? WHO WOULDN’T? You? Haha, who cares about you?)

awwwwww hell no!
awwwwww hell no!

This is not some post where i rant about how good or bad Bleach is. Yes, it wasn’t the best anime ever (is there even something like that? no, i really am serious) but it was a great journey, some epic fights, some epic Ichigo and Friends, some “awwwww” as well sometimes, and that bit…. oh Ichi, you totally won my heart there.

you really would? you-you would be willing to forget zangetsu? WAAA-*too much wailing*
you really would? you-you would be willing to forget zangetsu? WAAA-*too much wailing*

And then when he mastered the fullbring, got his powers back, and OMG BYAKUYA YOUR HAWWT!!!!(in a completely acceptable, unemotional sense of course. I am only pointing out a fact.)

He’s the king of proud kickass, and his age runs in three figures (probably). No, I’m not intoxicated with anything. This is Bleach, jhakaas!

golly, stuff happens in a  year, doesn’t it?

and then Ichigo bade us farewell, with a “See you soon!” as ambiguous as the ending of Inception. I sorta gave my tenth grade boards then, and finally moved on to the manga. Boy, Yumichika! If he cut off the braid, it would be infinitely relieving.

on second thought though…

and then stuff went wild. GOOD GOLLY! The quincies are alive? Soul Society is falling! NOOO LIEUTENANT SASAKIBE! Holy shit wuzzgoinon? NOOOOOOOOOOO BYAKUYAAAAAAAAA you’re not dead! If you die I’ll kill you!

Baap re these guys are getting pwned faster than i could complete a sent–HOLY SHIT the captain- ommander bankai-ed, you DEAD, little Juha Ba—NOOOOOOOOOOO GENRYUUSAI DONOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

gawd, Yamajii can die as well?
gawd, Yamajii can die?

…. oh man…

you jerk Juha Bitch. I hope you die. That was a frickin good fight though.

And then stuff goes crazy and AIZEN you crazy old trickster! and then more stuff, and then– WHOA THE ZERO DIVISION! whoa! whoa whoa whoooooaaaaa! Ahaha, poor Sui Feng (or Soi Fon or whatevs), these guys must be made of pure undiluted awesome! whew, byakuya’s alive… thank god. Of course I might show concern for Rukia or Renji but they almost usually always make it alive coz they’re the leads, aren’t they? Anyway–Train, Ichigo, TRAIN! Whoa, this place is rad! WTF!? Bath scene again, I see…

And then more stuff and then I KNEW ol’ Kyoraku would be the next captain commander, i KNEW IT! And then moar stuff and then GOOD GOLLY UNOHANA YOU CRAZY! You so strong! Zaraki so strong as well! ZOMG UNOHANA NOOOOOO NO WAY! WTF ZARAKI!

Oo, who’s that? He actually has a zanpakuto? HOLY SHIT—

And then stuff and then WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Ichigo you’re half quincy, half hollow, half shinigami? Aww yo mama so sweet! And yo dad and yo dad’s friend, and it’s all Kuch Kuch Hota Hai inverted (and awesomified).

Ryuken, Masaki, Isshin
are Rani, Rahul, Anjali respectively

do not ask me why I had to make that comparison. I know it doesn’t make sense. S#!t happens, dudes.

And then too much of stuff to take in all at once and ZOMG and loooootsa stuff and whoa Renji! You’re starting to look badass now! And — And — RUKIA YO MY GODDESS YO ABSOLUTE AWESOME! Even though I don’t think that’s possible, yes.



and then stuff and MORE AWESOMENESS and then NOZARASHIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!! (hey, i thought it should look more gaspworthy than that though) and then whoa, these guys almost have a chance! and then ISHIDA, WTF? and then ICHIGOOOOOO YO BACK! and then *awesomeness overload* and then stuff and then aww, calm down Ichigo, how will we have an interest in the story if Ishida tells you everything then and there?

and then more stuff and then YORUICHI! YOU’RE BACK AND AS BADASS AS EVER (even though you don’t do much yet!)

and then zombies and then Yumichika and Ikkaku and then GASP HITSUGAYA, KENSEI, PIANO GUY, YOU DID NOT DIE. NO YOU DID NOT!

and then good gawd, kurotsuchi is one weird man! and then–


So that was a short summary of what all i could remember as of yet. I CAN’T WAIT HURRY UP WITH THE NEXT CHAPTER!

I hope you enjoyed, non-audience. Bye till later (whenever that might be, I’m learning from Ichigo!)

I suppose this post will sound real funny when Future me and non-audience reads it. Oh well, what can one say?

Peace out.


Update: Ishida, y u do this? 😥



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